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1. Robot Sports

Robot Sports is as the name suggests, the sport of robotics. In 2011, General Administration of Sports of China (“GASC”) named robot sports as the 108th national social sports event. Each province, city and autonomous region will establish their own organising committees. The official rules for supervising robot sports in the PRC and the governing committee and association have been founded step by step under the orders of the GASC, including the “General Competition Guideline (《中國素質體育機器人運動通用競賽規則》)” which was implemented in December 2012.

2. National School Sports Robot League

Founded in 2015 by the Ministry of Education and Working Committee, National School Sports Robot League (the “NSSRL”) is the 8th league led by the Ministry of Education. The objective of the league is improving the quality of talents of our nation in an all-round manner, with robots as a medium, so as to nurture talent with physical and mental health and innovative capabilities.

All universities, high schools and primary schools and vocational colleges in the country are entitled to join the league, assisting in the promotion of robot sports in schools. The Ministry of Education and the General Administration of Sports of China values the promotion of robot sports at schools. All robot teaching plans at schools must be authorised by NSSRL. The first batch of 205 organisations officially joined the NSSRL in 2015 while nearly 6,000 schools applied.

Members of National School Sports Robot League:
  • Prof. Zhang Xinxin, President of the University of Science and Technology Beijing
Executive Chairman and General Secretary
  • Prof. He Chenguang, Executive Director of CRC Working Committee
Deputy Chairman
  • Deputy Director of Working Committee
  • Director of Expert Committee of CRC Working Committee
  • Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary of Commission for Inspecting Discipline in Harbin Engineering University
  • President of Nanjing Institute of Technology
  • President of Jilin University
  • Deputy President of Shandong University
  • President of Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  • Associate professor of Wuhan University
  • Professor of Zhejiang University
  • Principal of Jiangsu Yangzhou Tourism & Business Vocational School
  • Professor of China University of Geosciences
  • President of Shaanxi Normal University
  • Managing President of Shandong University of Finance and Economics
  • Professor of Civil Aviation University of China
  • President of Hebei University of Science and Technology
  • President of Xi'an University of Science and Technology
  • Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Deputy Principal of High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
  • Deputy Principal of High School Affiliated to University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • Principal of the Primary School Attached to Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Principal of the Heibei Zhengding Zilong Primary School
  • Principal of Shanghai Yangpu District Zhengli No.2 Primary School
  • Deputy Party Secretary and Dean of Harbin Vocational College of Science and Technology
  • Principal of Wuhan No.3 Boarding School
  • Principal of Shandong Laiwu Chenyi High School
Deputy General Secretary
  • Director of Sports Department of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Party Secretary of College of Humanities and Law
  • Deputy General Secretary of Economic Co-operation Committee of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
  • Deputy General Secretary of CRC Working Committee
  • General Secretary of Expert Committee of CRC Working Committee
3. CQE

──China Quality Robot Education

China Quality Robot Education (CQE) aims at improving the quality of the whole civilisation, focusing on exploiting the potential of the educated, boosting the development of various aspects of morality, intelligence and physique of them.

National School Sports Robot League operates under the relevant rules of the “Educational Law of the People's Republic of China (《中華人民共和國教育法》)”, to carry out the teaching work of aerial robot, land robot, etc. at league member organisations, while promoting robotics-related teaching, sports, competition and global exchange programmes to develop quality education. CQE emphasises not only comprehensiveness, but also universality, cooperation, creativity, fundamentals and expansion of robotics. As robotics is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive subject, it embodies both academic thinking and practical application. This means practice may lead to the creation of theories, while theory integrates with practice. Therefore, CQE is beneficial to overcoming the weakness of exam-oriented education, providing a new and effective way for the full implementation of China's education policy.

4. CQE Business

CQE Business refers to the business of the Shentong Robot Education Group Company Limited cooperating with the working committee of the National School Sports Robot League (the “NSSRL”) to plan and expand the school-based robot teaching and relevant businesses in the PRC.

The Company proactively cooperates with members of the NSSRL to promote robot teaching at schools, and raise the awareness among schools, teachers, students and parents on the importance of robot education and relevant teaching work. It receives full support from the members of NSSRL and Training Course Providers.

5. Shentong Card

The Shentong Card is a contact-type IC electronic smart card combining the functions of a banking, communications and data card into one. It is widely used in various network terminals (such as Internet, telecommunication networks, television networks and financial networks).