About Us

Shentong Robot Education Group Company Limited (the “Company”, Stock Code: 8206), has expanded its business to industries related to robotics education in China upon completion of the full acquisition of the service provider of China Robot Competition in Heilongjiang Province in May 2016. At present, the Company focuses on the robotics education in China. In addition, the Company's businesses also include robotics competitions and promotion and management services of “Shentong Card”.

On 9 September 2016, the English name of the Company changed from “China Communication Telecom Services Company Limited” to “Shentong Robot Education Group Company Limited”, and adopted the Chinese name “神通機器人教育集團有限公司” to replace the old Chinese name “神通電信服務有限公司”. The new name will provide the Company with a more appropriate corporate image and identity which will benefit the Group’s future development.

At present, the Company mainly engaged in:
  1. Provision of robotics education in China (including robotics training and competitions)
  2. and management services of “Shentong Card”